Welcome to the 8th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics  

Welcome to the homepage of the 8th Nordic Building Physics Symposium, Copenhagen, June 16-18 2008.  

More than 250 people from 25 countries participated in the symposium which had a total of 182 written and oral contributions presented over 3 days.  

The symposium topics were energy performance, hygrothermal performance and air transport in building materials as well as building envelopes and whole buildings. Work covering both the theoretical approach as well as the more practical use of building physic has been presented.  

June 16 and 17 were traditional conference days with oral presentations followed by brief discussions. June 18 was devoted to the practical use of research results, and the programme on this day is laid such as to allow for more discussion of the presented results, not least with a scope to debate the practical implications.  

The complete program can be found here.

Proceedings of the 8th symposium on building physics in the Nordic countries: R-189I, R-189II og R-189III can be dowloaded here.

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